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    Quiz Short Answer Questions

    How to create short answer questions

    Create a Question

    1. See the Moodle documentation on building a quiz.
    2. Select short answer for the question type to add.

    Adding Short Answers

    When creating a short answer question, you can specify multiple correct answers or use a wildcard.

    In this example, every answer that starts Tracy J will be given 0 points, since Grade is set to None.

    1. If the student answer meets the criteria (e.g. Tracy Jones), the student gets the question wrong.
    2. Else, the second answer is compared.
    3. If the criteria is met on the second answer (e.g. Tracy Robbins), then the student gets 100% on the question, since Grade is set to 100%.
    4. Else, there is no other answer to compare and the student gets it wrong.

    Test the Answers

    1. To test, scroll down to the bottom of the question and click Preview.
    2. Fill in the answer and click Submit and finish.
    3. You can see that Tracy Jones is wrong.
    4. Click Start again.
    5. This time we put Tracy Robbins as our answer.
      This is correct, since it does not meet the first criteria and meets the second criteria.

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