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    Add and Edit Quiz Settings

    February 21st, 2023

    These are the settings that you will need to know when creating or editing a quiz. 



    Many of these will already be selected by default.

    Add a Quiz

    Step 1

    Go to the week you want to add the Quiz to in the Table of Contents

    Step 2

    Click Create Learning Activity

    Step 3

    On the pop up screen you can search the activity by typing Quiz or find the quiz icon activity at the bottom of the screen. Click on Quiz.


    • Open the Quiz: Enabled - Set the Start Date/Time for the Quiz
    • Close the Quiz: Enabled - Set the Ending Date/Time for the Quiz
    • Time limit:  Enabled * - Set the time limit students have to complete the Quiz
    • When time expires: Open attempts are submitted automatically


    If the time limit is the same as the amount of time the quiz is open, we recommend informing the students that if they start an attempt late, the quiz still will close at the setup time.  


    • Grade category: It controls the category used in the gradebook setup. 
    • Grade to pass: It determines the minimum grade required to pass the quiz. 
    • Attempts allowed: It determines the number of attempts allowed for each student. 

    The default settings for Grade to pass and Attempts Allowed are shown below. 


    • New Page: It controls the number of questions shown by page. 
    • Navigation method: 
    • Free: Students can return to previous questions and skip ahead.
    • Sequential: Students can not return to previous questions (even if they are not answered), nor skip ahead.
    The default settings are shown below. 

    Question Behavior

    • Shuffle within questions:
      • Yes - Sets it so that answers in multiple-choice questions aren't always in the same order each time a student attempts the Quiz
      • No - Important for answers that need to stay in order (e.g. All of the above)
    • How questions behave: Deferred Feedback

    Review Options



    It is always recommended to have the quiz review options as stated in this article: Preserving Quiz Integrity in Moodle. 

    The following options can be set up based on the opening and closing time of the quiz. 

    The attempt

    • Will show how the student responded to each question.

    Whether correct

    • Displays whether the students' response to each question is correct, partially correct, or incorrect. 


    • Reveals the points awarded to the student and the grade for the quiz.

    Specific feedback

    • This option will show the student the feedback for the answer selected. This can be set up when the quiz is being created and can be added to all answers available if desired.

    General feedback

    • This option will show the student the feedback for the question answered. This can be set up when the quiz is being created, and it is usually used to provide the students with background information about the knowledge being tested.

    Right answer

    • Reveals the correct answer to each question, whether the student answered correctly or not 

    Overall feedback

    • This option will show the student the feedback for the quiz and display it when the quiz is finished. This can be set up when the quiz is being created.



    If a student cannot see the quiz after taking it in Moodle make sure the Points box is checked off under After the quiz is closed. 


    • Leave defaults as is

    Extra Restrictions on Attempts

    • Use a password for proctored exams

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