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    How to Upload Multiple Choice Quiz Questions

    January 21st, 2021

    Adding Questions using the Aiken Format

    While questions can be created directly in Moodle, the faster option is to create them in a text file and upload it. With this method, you can quickly type several questions and import them into the system all at once. To create a text file with the quiz questions you wish to upload, follow these instructions:

    Formatting Your Text File

    Step 1

    Type out your Questions and Answers in TextEdit (Mac) or Notepad (PC).

    Step 2

    If you want your questions to appear in order, number them with double-digit numbers:

                01. Question 1
                02. Question 2
                03. Question 3

    If you want to shuffle your questions, do not number them:

                Question (any order)
                Question (any order)
                Question (any order)

    Step 3

    Answers must appear in a capitalized alphanumeric list.

    You can use a . or a ) after the letter.

    There must be a line-break after each answer.

                01. Question 
                A. Answer 1
                B. Answer 2
                C. Answer 3

    Step 4

    The correct answer needs to be at the end, after the "ANSWER:" text (all capitalized):

                01. Question
                A. Answer 1
                B. Answer 2
                C. Answer 3
                ANSWER: B

    Step 5

    Each question needs to be separated by one line-break.

    Do not use any line-breaks in the question text.

    Step 6

    This is how the .txt document should look when completed:

    Step 7

    Save your text file

    NOTE: In Windows you must select UTF8 in the encoding option when saving to retain all characters 

    Uploading Your Quiz

    Once you've created a .txt file with the questions, you can import them into Moodle

    Step 1

    Open the Quiz and click on "Edit Quiz"

    Step 2

    Click the Gear Icon and then "Question Bank"

    Step 3

    Click on "Import", select "Aiken Format" and choose "Default..." in the "Import Category" dropdown menu

    Step 4

    Scroll down until you see "Import questions from file" and upload your .txt file

    Step 5

    Once the questions are uploaded, just confirm the correct number of questions that have been imported.

    Step 6

    Your text file should now appear in the list of imported files

    Step 7

    Click Import 

    Step 8

    Check that there are no error messages on the page.
    If there are errors, check that your file does not have extra spaces, returns, and is saved as a 'UTF8' text file (Windows only).

    Step 9

    Click Continue

    Step 10

    Click Admin > Quiz administration > Edit quiz

    Step 11

    Click Add

    Step 12

    Click from question bank

    Step 13

    Click the 'T' checkbox to select all the questions

    Step 14

    Click Add selected questions to the quiz

    Step 15

    Click Admin > Quiz administration > Preview
    For more information click Preview the quiz

    How to Use the Questions You've Uploaded

    To see how you can add the questions you've written and uploaded to Quizzes, please consult this article: Add Random Quiz Questions from Question Bank

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