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    Drop Lowest Quiz Score

    March 26th, 2020

    Moodle allows you to drop the lowest grade(s) from a category of activities/items in the gradebook.


    • The activities/items MUST ALL BE OF EQUAL MAXIMUM VALUE.
    • The items must be contained in one category.


    • At the end of the semester, fill any empty cells with zeros; otherwise, those cells will not be counted as a score when used with the Exclude Empty Grades option.
    • Do not have activities with weights of Zero. While this is a common technique to not count an activity, it breaks the rule that all grade items must be of equal value for this option to be available.

    Open Gradebook Setup

    Step 1

    Go to the course homepage.

    1. Click the Admin settings gear icon
    2. Click Course administration
    3. Click Gradebook setup

    Add categories

    Step 1

    Click Add category, at the bottom of the page  

    Step 2

    Name your category (e.g. Discussions) 

    Step 3

    Click Save changes


    Step 4

    Enter a Weight or Point Value for the Category

    Step 5

    Press Enter after entering a value 

    Step 6

    Move activities into your category

    1. Click the Move icon
    2. Click the space under the category
    3. After moving all of your activities, set them to equal parts (if they are all worth the same) 
    4. Press Enter after setting the last value 

    Set the Category to Drop the Lowest Score

    Step 1

    Click teh Edit drop-down next to the category

    Step 2

    Click Edit settings from the drop-down menu

    Step 3

    Click Show more...

    Step 4

    Enter the number of lowest scores you wish to drop in the Drop the Lowest textbox


    If the Drop the Lowest box is grayed out, it is because one or more grade items in the category are not of equal value. All grade items in the category must be the exact same score for this option to be available. You will need to change all grade items to be the same value before applying this setting.

    Step 5

    Click the Save changes button

    Step 6

    In the category, under the Discussion total, you should see the formula

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