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    Adding a Rubric from a Template

    December 19th, 2019

    This is a tutorial on adding an existing grading rubric that has been saved as a template to an assignment or discussion forum. 

    Moodle Rubrics

    1. Open the assignment or forum page.
      Click on the assignment or discussion forum that you wish to add a rubric to (you do not need to have editing turned on). The assignment/forum page will display.
    2. Open the Gear Settings menu and select Advanced grading.
    3. Select Rubric from the Grading Method drop down menu.
      At the top of the page there is a drop-down menu to select a grading method. If you haven’t made changes on the Assignment Settings page in the "Grade" section, the grading method will likely be "Simple direct grading." Select Rubric from the drop-down menu to start setting up the assignment to be graded from a rubric.

      3a. There are two ways you can add a rubric to your Moodle course shell. The first way is to add a rubric that has already been created in Moodle please see below screen shot. 

      Click the box labeled "Create new grading form from a template.
      The rubric template list page will display. This is a scrolling list of every rubric template that has been entered into the Pacific College eLearning system for all instructors and all classes. This is where proper nomenclature is important.
      3b. The second way to add a rubric to your Moodle course shell is to download one that you have created. 

      Locate the search bar at the top of the page. Click the box for "include my own forms" and type in the Course Code (which should be in the title of the rubric). For example "CA761" and click search.
    4. Click "Use this template."
      Below the title, you will see a green check mark and "Use this template." This is a link, so click directly on it.

      Click Continue to confirm that you want to use this form for grading the assignment/forum. The Advanced Grading: <Assignment> (Submissions) page will display.

      You will notice that your rubric is now displayed and next to the title, you will see "Ready for use." This indicates that you have successfully added the rubric to the assignment or forum and it is ready to be used to grade papers.
    5. You can also edit, or delete it from this area. Please see below screen shot.
    6. Return to the Course Home Page. 
      Click the Course Code link in the breadcrumbs or the Course Code button at the top of the page to return to the Course Home Page.

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