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    Changing Grading Rubrics

    February 1st, 2023

    This is the quick tutorial on changing, editing, or deleting a grading rubric that is attached to an assignment or discussion forum.

    Step 1

    Click on the assignment or discussion forum that you wish to add a rubric to (you do not need to have editing turned on). Then the assignment/forum page will display.

    Step 2

    Click the Gear Icon

    Step 3

    Click Advanced Grading

    Step 4

    To edit the existing form click the button labeled “Edit the current form definition”

    The Define Rubric settings page will display. Scroll down and make the desired changes to the form. When finished, scroll to the bottom and click Save.



    Please note that this only changes the rubric assigned to the specific assignment you opened. If this rubric was a template that was copied to several assignments or forums, you will need to change each assignment individually. This edit does not change the template form. To change the template, click the button to "Publish the form as a new template." This will create a new template. If you will no longer be using the previous template, you will want to delete it from the list of templates, so it does not get confusing which template is the most current in the list.

    To delete a rubric template from the system, click the box labeled "Create new grading form from a template" to view the list of all templates in the system. Scroll to or search for your template to delete, then click the delete button to remove the template from the list.

    Step 5

    To delete the existing form: Click the button labeled "Delete the currently defined form”

    This will remove the rubric from the assignment. This operation is not recommended if you have already graded papers in the class using this method.



    Before removing a rubric, please make sure you understand the following consequences:

    • There is no way to undo this operation.
    • You can switch to another grading method including the 'Simple direct grading' without deleting this form.
    • All the information about how the grading forms are filled will be lost.
    • The calculated result grades stored in the grade book will not be affected. However, the explanation of how they were calculated will not be available.
    • This operation does not affect copies of this form in other activities

    Once confirmed, the Advanced Grading: <Assignment> (Submissions) page will display. You will now be able to add a new rubric template, create a new rubric from scratch or change the grading method of the assignment to Simple Direct Grading via the drop-down menu

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