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    Adding a New Rubric from Scratch

    February 1st, 2023



    Rubrics saved as templates can be used by other faculty as well.

    Step 1

    Go into your course then go to the Activities and Resources section, then choose Assignments

    Step 2

    Choose the assignment from the list

    Step 3

    Click the Gear Icon, then Advanced Grading

    Step 4

    Select Rubric from the Grading Method drop-down menu

    Step 5

    Click the box labeled Define new grading form from scratch. 

    Step 6

    Enter a Title and Description for the rubric

        a) Important: all rubric templates are listed on one single scrolling page for all classes. Without a unique title, you will never be able to find your rubric template if you attempt to attach this rubric to any other assignments or forums

        b) Name your rubric in the following manner: Course code_Assignment Title.(e.g. ENG101_Final_Paper_Rubric)

        c) In the description, please enter your name as the author of the rubric, the class and the date the rubric was uploaded (e.g. Written by Jane Smith, English 101, uploaded 04/22/2014)

    Step 7

    Add criterion and point levels. Click inside the box and it will turn into a text box where you can either type in text or copy from a Word document.

        a) Click the "Add Level" button to add more columns

        b) Click the "Add criterion" button to add more rows

        c) Click on the green points to open a text field to enter the point value for each level

    Step 8

    Review the Rubric Options. By default all options will be checked. (The "Sort order for levels" option always needs to be changed to "Descending by number of points")

    Step 9

    Click Save. If successful, you will go back to the Advanced Grading page and there will be an indicator on the rubric noting it is ready to use

    Step 10

    On the Advanced Grading page, click the box labeled "Publish the form as a new template." To set the rubric you've created as a template that can be reused later

    Step 11

    Click Continue

    Your Rubric is now ready to use

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