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    Zoom - Trim Recordings

    How to remove the beginning and end of a recording.


    • Recordings will not be trimmed when downloaded
    • Recordings are deleted after two terms

    The following instructions are for trimming a class recording. To trim and save a recording outside the Zoom platform, please see the article on Saving Zoom recordings to Microsoft Stream.

    Step 1

    Go to


    Step 2

    Search by date and/or topic


    Step 3

    Click the file link next to the recording you wish to trim


    Step 4

    Click the view link (e.g. Shared screen with speaker view)


    Step 5

    On the right panel, you can search the audio transcript for the start (e.g. ‘welcome’)


    Step 6

    On the bottom right of the video player, click the scissors icon


    Step 7

    Move the left slider by clicking, holding, and dragging near the time listed in the chat.

    Click the left and right arrows on the slider to move the trim up or down by one second.



    Step 8

    Repeat for the right slider to trim the end of the video



    Step 9

    Double check the new playback range in the lower left


    Step 10

    Click Save


    Note: Downloads are disabled by default. Be sure not to enable the download, otherwise the user can download the unedited version.

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