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    Zoom Class Meeting

    How to setup and open your Zoom Class Meeting and Meeting Resources

    This article contains directions on how to set up class meetings, view attendance and manage recordings.


    It is important to set up Zoom meetings in Moodle and not through the Zoom website or Zoom app. Setup through Moodle ensures the meeting is associated with your class and students can access the meeting and the recordings.

    Zoom Meeting Location

    Step 1

    Go to your course in Moodle

    Step 2

    Click the General Course Information section from the Table of Contents

    Step 3

    Click Zoom Class Meetings 

    Update your Time Zone

    Step 1

    If your time zone is not correct, click the pencil icon next to it

    Step 2

    Click the dropdown

    Step 3

    Select your time zone from the list, type into the field to narrow the list

    Step 4

    Click Update

    Scheduling Class Meetings

    Step 1

    Click Schedule a New Meeting

    Step 2

    Go to When

    Step 3

    Click the date field

    Step 4

    Click the day of your class meeting 
    To go to the next month, click >

    Step 5

    Click the time dropdown


    Step 6

    Click the time designation (AM or PM)

    Step 7

    Click the correct designation

    Step 8

    Double-check the class meeting date and time are correct

    Step 9

    Go to Duration and click the number of hours dropdown.

    Step 10

    Click the number of hours the class meets

    Step 11

    Click the number of minutes dropdown

    Step 12

    Click the number of minutes on the hour the class meets 
    Note: Select the closest if there is not an exact match

    Step 13

    Go to Time Zone and check that the time zone for your meeting is correct

    Step 14

    Go to Recurring meeting

    Step 15

    If your class meets more than once, check the box

    Step 16

    Click the Recurrence dropdown

    Step 17

    Select Weekly (most common)

    Step 18

    Check the Repeat every dropdown is set to 1 week (most common)


    Go to Occurs on

    Step 20

    Check the day(s) of the week the class meets and uncheck any day(s) it doesn’t meet

    Step 21

    Go to End date

    Step 22

    Click the date field

    Step 23

    Click the day after the last class meeting.

    Step 24

    Double-check the Recurring meeting day, end date, and number of occurrences are correct 
    Note: if your class has any skip weeks, the number of occurrences will include skip weeks

    Step 25

    Under Meeting Options, make sure the following options are checked:

    - Mute participants upon entry

    - Record the meeting automatically In the cloud

    Step 26

    Click Save

    Add Occurrences or Update a Meeting

    If you need to make any changes or need to add additional occurrences, click Edit this Meeting

    Skip A Weekly Meeting

    Step 1

    Click the Course Meetings breadcrumb


    Step 2

    Go to the Upcoming Meetings

    Step 3

    Find the date of the class that is being skipped and click the Delete button

    Step 4

    Click Delete just this occurrence

    Add Occurrence(s) to a Meeting

    Step 1

    If you need to re-add occurrences, click the Topic title of the meeting

    Step 2

    Click Edit this Meeting

    Step 3

    Follow the directions in Schedule Class Meetings

    Start your Class Meeting

    Step 1

    Click the Upcoming Meetings tab

    Step 2

    Click the Start button


    Be sure Zoom is installed and updated before this step. See this article on where to download and update.

    Step 3

    Launch Zoom

    Follow the directions for your browser to launch Zoom

    Google Chrome

    Click Open Zoom (PC) or Open (Mac). You need to click this option every time you try to launch Zoom.

    Mozilla Firefox

    If this is your first time joining from Firefox, you may be asked to open Zoom or the Zoom installer package. To skip this step in the future, check Remember my choice for zoommtg links

    Click Open Link.


    When asked if you want to open, click Allow.

    Attendance Reports

    Step 1

    Click the Previous meetings tab

    Step 2

    Click Report next to the meeting that you want to see the attendance

    Step 3

    In the Meeting Report tab, you will see a list of attendees

    Step 4

    If you do not see a student on the list, you may need to change the page at the bottom right

    Class Recordings

    Step 1

    Click the Recording tab

    Step 2

    Click on the recording you want to see

    Step 3

    Play the recording by clicking the play button


    Only faculty and admin can download and share recordings. Students may only view recordings in their web browser.

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