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    Extra Credit Activities

    Setting up an activity as extra credit in the gradebook


    Step 1

    Go to the course homepage

    Step 2

    Click the Gear Icon > Gradebook Setup

    Step 3

    Go to the parent category for the item you want to make extra credit and click Edit > Edit Settings

    Step 4

    The Aggregation method must be set to Simple weighted mean of grades or Natural

    Step 5

    Find the activity that should be graded as extra credit.

    Step 6

    Click Edit, then Edit settings for that activity.

    Step 7

    Expand the Parent category to see the options if necessary (may need to click Show more... to see the extra credit option.

    Step 8

    Check the Extra Credit checkbox.
    Parent category with extra credit option highlighted

    Step 9

    Scroll down and click Save changes.

    The value for that activity in the Max grade column will now have a + symbol, indicating extra credit value.

    Note: The student view of grades has no indicator that the particular score is extra credit. Consider putting the words Extra Credit somewhere within the activity title to be clear to students.

    Extra Credit Quizzes


    The extra credit has to be set as a separate quiz!

    1. Create a category in the grade book name it after the quiz that has extra credit, in the settings make sure you select "Simple weighted means of grade"

    2. Move the quiz and extra credit quiz under the category:

    3. Click on "Edit" to update the settings of the Extra Credit:

    4. Check the "Extra Credit" setting and save changes:

    5. Update the weight on the grade book:

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