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    How to Submit Grades

    Submitting final grades at the end of each term

    To submit your grades at the end of each term, please watch the following short video for directions. Grade Submission via Moodle

    After the end of each term, do the following

    Step 1

    Go to the Course Dashboard

    Step 2

    Go to the Grade Submission section and click on Submit Grades. Be sure that your final grades have been correctly entered or calculated in the Gradebook for this course. If you need help with this, place a support ticket.

    Step 3

    After finalizing the gradebook for this course, choose Final Grade from the dropdown menu below

    Step 4

    Confirm that the grades that populate to the Final Grade column match those in the Gradebook. DO NOT alter the grades on this page. If something looks wrong, do nothing and place a support ticket

    Step 5

    Click the Submit Grades button at the bottom of this page

    For your information


    This action cannot be undone


    If a dropped student appears on this page with a letter grade next to their name, the system will ignore the grade for that student.


    Only the following grade letters are permitted: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, F. You cannot submit numerical scores or pass/fail, incomplete, or IP grades.


    You cannot change grades and submit a second time. The system won't recognize a second submission.


     If you need to change a grade after submission or give the student a grade other than a regular letter grade, please place a support ticket.

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