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    Switch Role to Student

    To view the student user interface in a course

    Sometimes you may need to view your course as a student. There are some limitations to this. One limitation is that you won't be able to submit assignments. Another is you won't see rubrics as students do. Everything else, however, should appear as a student would see it (no editing options).

    Step 1

    To switch to student view, click your avatar thumbnail in the upper right to open the personal menu.

    Step 2

    Click 'Switch role to...' next to Logout.

    Step 3

    Click 'Student' to finish the process. The page you were on will now load in the student view. If you were editing a page or looking at a gradebook you will get a permission error. Simply click continue to proceed to the course.

    Step 4

    When finished, go to the personal menu and click 'Return to my normal role'

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