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    Adding a Choice Poll

    February 12th, 2021

    Step 1

    Scroll down and click on "Create learning Activity"

    Step 2

    On the "Activities" sheet, select "Choice"

    Step 3

    Name the Choice and write the activity's description

    Step 4

    On the "Choice Settings" at your right, under "Results"

    • Publish results should be "Do not publish results to students"
    • Show column for unanswered, "Yes"
    • Include responses from inactive/suspended users, "No"

    In the end, it should look like this,

    • Make sure this two options are change to "Yes"
      • Allow choice to be updated
      • Limit the number of responses allowed

    In the end, it should look like this,

    • Add the options and the Limit of responses

    Step 5

    Click on "Save and display" once, then you are done

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