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    Import from Another Class

    How to import a resource or activity (quiz, assignment, reading) in Moodle.

    This article includes directions for importing an entire course and additionally, how to import specific items

    Select the Target Course to Import From

    Step 1

    Go to the course you want to import into

    • In this example, we are importing into a Health Care Systems class (CL820.01.2019S.SD).
    • Be sure to check that General Course Information and nothing else is under CONTENTS.

    Step 2

    Go to import

    1. Click the Admin gear icon on the top right of the page.
    2. Click Import under Course administration.

    Step 3

    Course selection

    1. Copy the course's short name from the breadcrumb.
    2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
    3. Paste the short-name into the field.
    4. Modify the short-name (e.g. CL820.05.2019S.SD to CL820.05.2019W.SD)
    5. Click Continue
    6. Verify the short-name is the from the section and term you want.
    7. Check the radio button next to short-name.
    8. Click Continue.

    Import the Entire Course

    Initial settings

    Step 1

    Leave Include activities and resources checked

    Schema settings

    Step 1

    Do not uncheck anything. You can delete resources and activities you don't need after you import the content.

    Leave everything checked.

    Step 2

    Click Next

    Continue the Import Process

    Confirmation and review

    Step 1

    Confirm and review that all the checks are set to what you intended.

    Step 2

    Click Perform import.

    Perform import

    Step 1

    You will see a progress indicator.


    If you get disconnected, do not re-import. Moodle will continue the import process if it was started. Check to see if the contents exist before attempting to re-import. 

    Step 2

    Check that the import submitted successfully (green text). If you encountered an error (red text), report the issue to support.

    Click Continue.

    Confirm Course Contents

    Step 1

    Ensure there are no duplicate items in your course.

    Step 2

    In the case you forgot to uncheck a resource or activity:

    1. Click the menu button on the resource
    2. Click Delete
    3. Click Delete <name of activity/resource> 

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