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    Marking (Grading) Workflow

    Use marking workflow to hide grades until you want to release them to students

    Marking Workflow lets you keep grades and feedback hidden until you are ready to release them to students. It is also useful if you want to show your progress in grading, or co-ordinate multiple markers/graders.

    Marking Workflow must be enabled on the Assignment settings page for the Assignment activity before they can be used to grade.

    Enable Marking Workflow

    Step 1

    Edit the Assignment

    Step 2

    Open the Grade accordion

    Step 3

    Set Use marking workflow to Yes

    Step 4

    Set Use marking allocation to No (unless you plan to assign specific students to specific graders)

    Step 5

    Click Save and display

    Set the Marking Phase

    Step 1

    Go to grade the assignment

    Step 2

    Set the marking work flow state accordingly

    The states are:

    • Not marked (the marker has not yet started)
    • In marking (the marker has started but not yet finished)
    • Marking completed (the marker has finished but might need to go back for checking/corrections)
    • In review (the marking is now with the teacher in charge for quality checking)
    • Ready for release (the teacher in charge is satisfied with the marking but wait before giving students access to the marking)
    • Released (the student can access the grades/feedback)

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