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    How to Create and Edit Assignments in Moodle

    October 19th, 2021

    The most common "activity" teachers create in Moodle are called Assignments. There are three types of assignments:

    • File submission: this is the most common, in which students are required to upload one or more files
    • Online text: this is less common, in which student enter (or paste) text right on the screen. 
    • Offline assignment: this type is used when faculty have an in-class or other offline activity that they want to grade inside Moodle (e.g., practical exam, oral presentation, in-class written quiz).

    Please follow the steps below on how to create a File Submission assignment

    Create a new assignment

    Step 1

    Navigate to the week where you want the assignment to appear and click Create learning activity.

    Step 2

    Choose "Assignment" from the Activities tab

    Step 3

    Give the assignment a name, write the description (usually the directions), and set a due date. HINT: If your assignment is very complex, you should compose it in Word and then paste into the Description field.

    Step 4

    From the Visibility tab, select whether to show or hide the assignment. It is recommended to keep it hidden until you have thoroughly checked your work.

    Step 5

    From the Availability tab, enable the Cut-Off date. Warning the Cut-off date is not the same as the Due Date. If you do not set the Cut-off date for the assignment, a student will be able to continue to edit their submission even after it has been graded. If you do not accept late assignments the Cut-off Date must be the same as the Due Date. You might also want to setup a Allow submissions from date. If this isn’t set students will be able to add submissions as soon asthe assignment is created.

    For your information

    a) Before the Cut-off date, a students submission status will stay as Draft Submitted

    b) After the cut off date, the status will automatically convert to Submitted for grading

    Step 6

    Choose the submission type (for this example we will use File submissions) then set how many files can be uploaded. Setthe Maximum submission file as 20. Then click on Choose under Accepted file types

    Step 7

    Click the box next to Document Files then scroll down and click Save Changes. We recommend using .pdf,.docx and .doc

    Step 8

    Click on the Grade section. Next choose a Grade Type and Grading method. Setting a point value for each assignment is the most simple and common way. Simple direct grading is the easiest grading method to set up. HINT: If you set up all your graded assignments in Moodle (online and offline), the system will automatically calculate a grade. Grading by weight, category, and rubric is more complex. If you want help with more advanced grading methods, please place a support ticket and/or talk to your department chair about setting up a team training. 

    It is generally recommended that other settings be left at their defaults. If you want help with more advanced settings, please place a support ticket.

    Step 9

    Click Save and return to course

    Step 10

    You will now see your assignment in that week

    Edit an Existing Assignment

    Step 1

    Click on the search button and search for the assignment you would like to edit. Then click on the assignment.

    Step 2

    It will take you to that assignment and then click on the Pencil to edit the document

    Alternate Method

    Step 1

    Click the Course Dashboard

    Step 2

    Go to the Activities and Resources section and click on Assignments

    Step 3

    Select the assignment you want to edit: 

    Adjust Settings

    Step 1

    Adjust any settings within the Visibility section

    Step 2

    Once you have edited the assignment click on Save and return to course

    Set Assignment Due Dates

    This procedure assumes that an assignment is already developed and only explains how to set due dates for that assignment.

    Step 1

    Change the Due Date if needed. If changing the Due Date is all that was needed then click on Save and return to course. To adjust additional setting continue onto Step 4.

    Step 2

    Click on Availability  

    Allow submissionfrom: If set, students will not be able to submit before this date. If disabled, students will be able to start submitting right away.
    --> Check the Enable checkbox and then set the appropriate date and time.

    Cut-off date: If set, the assignment will not accept submissions after this date without an extension.
    --> Check the Enable checkbox and then set the appropriate date and time.

    Step 3

    Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save and return to course

    Step 4

    Check your work by clicking the Course Dashboard.

    Step 5

    Scroll down to Activities and Resources and click Assignments. Now you can see a list of the assignments and their due dates

    If you see the dates are still incorrect please click on the assignment name then click on the gears at the top right to make edits to an assignment and follow the directions from above.

    Specify Acceptable File Types

    Step 1

    Click the Submission types dropdown

    Step 2

    Select File submissions

    Step 3

    Type in the file extension you will accept

    Separate multiple file types with a comma


    Presentations or files with high quality and/or a high quantity of images will easily exceed the 10mb limit.

    Assignment Submission Settings

    Step 1

    Hit the gear icon on the top right (Admin): 

    Step 2

    Click Edit Settings

    Step 3

    You'll see a list of settings options

    Step 4

    Click Submission settings

    Step 5

    These are the default options that most of the courses are using since it's easier for students: 



    If the submit button is not enabled, the student is able to edit an assignment before the due date, even after grading. However, it is generally easier to wait for the due date to grade an assignment than it is to re-open submission. Therefore, keeping the submit button disabled is the best practice.

    Large File Submission | Advanced

    This document will assist in setting up assignments that require videos, audio recordings, presentations, and other files that are larger than 10mb.

    Step 1

    Edit the Assignment

    Click Submission types

    Step 2

    Click Online text

    Step 3

    In the description, provide instructions for copying and pasting a link from a cloud storage platform (e.g. YouTube, OneDrive). 

    The image has an example of directions from YouTube.

    You may link to directions on how to share from any platform, so students do not have to search for the directions.

    Assignment Restrictions

    An assignment restriction will prevent students from accessing the assignment completely until a criterion is met.

    1. Go to the assignment settings:

    2. Click on "restrict access" and then "add restriction"

    3. Select the restriction type:

    4. Click "Save and display" or "save and return to course"

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