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    New Course Shell Features (Spring 2020)

    April 13th, 2020

    Updates have been made to course shells to improve the user experience for students.

    1. Accordions
    2. Zoom Class Meetings


    Accordions are a type of folder. Clicking on the accordion opens the folder in a top-down way. To provide consistent user experience, course content will be grouped inside accordions.

    Please note: an accordion will only show up in a particular week if content exists. 

    Accordion Legend

    General Course Information Section 

    - Syllabus and General Resources

    Syllabus and any other resources such as files and links.


    Syllabi automatically appear first, but the order they appear in can be changed by moving the resource (i.e. click the arrow button on the card). The order of all other content can also be changed.

    - Attendance and Evaluation

    Attendance and End-of-Course evaluation only.

    Weekly Section

    - Reading and Resources

    Files (e.g. pdf, docx, etc.), page resources, or any content that has limited interactivity and is not gradable.

    - Assignments and Activities

    Assignments, quizzes, discussion forums, and any other activities, except Weekly Feedback.


    The order of resources can be changed by moving the resource (i.e. click the arrow button on the card). Resources may not be moved into another accordion. If your class has a specific way of organizing content, manual accordions can be added or they can be turned off.

    Zoom Class Meetings

    A link to the Zoom Class Meetings page will automatically appear in any week that does not have the text 'No class meeting' in the description.

    Course links

    All scheduled Zoom meetings for the course, including recordings with the chat and transcript, are in the Zoom Class Meetings resource on the General Course Information page.

    There are additional links to Zoom Class Meetings in every week that does not have "No class meeting" or "No Class" in the description.

    If the description has "No class" or "No class meeting", the link will not appear.


    Meetings will only show up inside Zoom Class Meetings after they have been scheduled. If no meetings are appearing, please place a support ticket to help set them up.


    See the article Zoom Class Meetings.

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