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    Simultaneous Faculty and Student Accounts

    How to easily manage having both a faculty/staff and student account.

    If you have two accounts with domains, it becomes a chore to login and logout of multiple systems.

    To simplify the process, use your default browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, FireFox, etc.) for the account that has a higher level of permissions (e.g. staff account).

    Step 1

    Download and install a second browser (Chrome or FireFox)


    Do make Chrome or Firefox (whichever you installed) your default browser when asked.

    Step 2

    Open the second browser (Chrome or FireFox)

    Step 3

    Go to the StudentHub

    Step 4

    Click My Classes

    Step 5

    Click the Microsoft button

    Step 6

    Enter your student email address and click Next

    Step 7

    Enter your password and click Sign in


    For Zoom, follow the SSO login instructions to log in with your staff account. When joining classes as a student from within Moodle in the second browser, Zoom will know you joining as a student.

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