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    Create and manage Breakout Rooms in meetings

    Pre-assign Breakout Rooms | Manage the B/R during the Zoom meetings

    Pre-assign Breakout Rooms

    1. To pre-assign the Breakout Rooms for a meeting, please go to and login with your Pacific College account. Once you see your profile, go to meetings: 

    2. Put the cursor over the meeting you want to pre-assign B/R in and click on "Edit": 

    If you want to pre-assign the B/R for all of the upcoming classes, select "Edit All Occurrences". If you want to pre-assign the B/R for only one class, make sure you select the correct date of the meeting occurrence and select "Edit This Occurrence":

    3. Scroll down to the "Meeting options" section and check the "Breakout Room pre-assign" option: 

    4. Click on "Create Rooms":

    5. Add B/R by clicking on the "+" icon. You can add people into each B/R by typing their name in the designated space:

    If you don't remember the name of the student you want to add, you can look for the names in the Moodle course shell and, either type their name and select them after they're populated in the dropdown list, or copy and paste their Pacific College email and hit the "Enter" key.

    6. You can rename the B/R by hovering the cursor over the B/R name and then click on the pencil icon: 

    7. Once you're done, click on "Save" and the next time you join the Zoom class meeting, go to the Breakout Rooms option:

    8. Click on "Recreate" and then "Recover to pre-assigned rooms". That way the pre-assigned B/R will display and will be ready to be opened.

    Create and manage B/R during the Zoom meetings

    1. Go to the "Breakout Rooms" and then select the option that fits best what you need in that class, then click on "Create":

    2. Once they're created, you have this "Options" button in the emerging window that contains the list of B/R and the participants in each of them: 

    • If you allow participants to choose a room (blue checkmark on the first option), the attendees can choose rooms as they want, and jump from one B/R to another, just like the host. This would be their view of B/R: 

    For Mac users, they'll have to hover the cursor over the number of participants in the room to join another B/R: 

    • If you allow participants to return to the main session at any time (blue checkmark on the second option), they can leave their B/R anytime they want to go to the main room. 
    • If you enable the option "Automatically move all assigned participants into breakout rooms" (blue checkmark on the third option), as soon as the B/R are opened they will be moved into their room without asking or having them click on any button to join. If you move a participant from one room to another after the B/R were opened, they will be moved automatically as well. If this option is not turned on, then the student has to click on the Join button:

    Important notes: 

    • It's recommended to turn off "Allow participants to return to the main session at any time". That way, the students will come back to the main room only when the B/R are closed or if someone gets kicked out.
    • It's recommended to turn off "Allow participants to choose room" to protect the rooms. For example, if they're having coaching or teams' sessions, like the EIP debates, you don't want students jumping from one room to another and getting involved in other personal or sensitive conversations that another room has.
    • Take into account that once the B/R session is open, these settings cannot be modified. You'll have to end the B/R session, change the settings, and then start a new session.

    3. If you're the host, even when you're in a B/R, you can move people in the main room:

    If you don't have that window open when someone is in the main room, you'll still see a notification on the toolbar at the bottom of the Zoom window:

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