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    How to Pull a List of Active/Graduate Students by Program in CampusVue

    April 22nd, 2020

    1.  Under the Reports Menu, please select Academic Records -> Master Student Listing Detail.

    2.  Once the report opens, select your Campus/Campuses using the arrow keys.  Then click Continue.

    3.  You will now choose to Filter your data.  As you can see, there are several filters available.  This tutorial will show you how to pull both an Active Student list by Program and a Graduation list by Program.  The first filter you will select is "Student Status."  To pull an Active list, please click the following items:  Active, Probation, NDS - Active (Non Matriculated students).  If you want to include those students on Term Break/Leave of Absence, you can also check those boxes as well.   To build a graduation list, the only selection you need to choose is "Graduated."

    4.  Once the status are chosen, click "Program Version" to filter by Program.  There will be many programs listed.  Find the programs you wish by either focusing the Descriptions.  Please note - all versions of old programs are also listed.  To gather all students, please click all the versions pertaining the the program you are searching for an optimum list.

    5.  Once you've completed your selections, please press the "Preview" button located in the lower right hand corner.  Once pressed, you may receive a pop up box giving you a tip on refining your search results.  Since we have already filtered what we need, you can simply click "Yes" on the pop up.  The tip looks like this:

    6.  Once the report is generated, you will want to export this report to excel.  On the menu bar in the top left hand of the screen, there is a menu titled "Excel."  Once clicked a menu will open below titled "Export to Excel."  Click that as well.

    7.  Once the Excel has loaded, please highlight the entire document and cut and paste onto your own computers Excel.  The program that opened is a version that is on Campus Mangement's server.  Saving a file will result in the inability to reopen the file.

    8.  You will notice the excel file displays much more information than the initial report that opened.  Please feel free to delete any columns or rows that are not necessary. 

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