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    Eclipse Troubleshooting

    Here are some tips to try if Eclipse isn't working properly

    Eclipse Won't Open

    Eclipse must be connected to the office network in order to function, so the desktop shortcut isn't working then the likely cause is that the computer isn't connected. Try these steps to troubleshoot:

    1. If the computer is on Wi-Fi, make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on. If it is turned on, make sure it's connected to the correct Wi-Fi network.
    2. If the computer uses a network cable, make sure that the cable is fully plugged into the computer.
    3. Once you're certain the computer is on the network but Eclipse still isn't working, this could be a sign that there's an issue with the Eclipse server itself. Please inform the IT department as soon as possible.

    "Unable to Locate Sentinel" Error

    This is an error you may get from Eclipse if it loses connection to the server while running. If you see this error, please try the steps listed in the previous step. If that doesn't work, please inform the IT department. 

    Date/Time on Patient Records are Incorrect

    Eclipse needs to be rebooted at least once per day in order to update the date/time. Eclipse will do this on its own in between office hours, but if you notice any problems with the time/date on records being wrong this could be a sign that something is preventing Eclipse from doing it's daily reset. Please inform the IT department and they can investigate this issue. 

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