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    Guest Speaker Setup Instructions

    How to set up guest speaker access for Zoom Meetings

    Course meetings need to have authentication turned off and waiting rooms turned on and set to allow logged-in users to bypass the waiting rooms. Clinic Zoom meetings are set up differently. For clinics, waiting rooms are turned on for everyone, including students. So, for the clinic, guest speakers and patients are all admitted by the supervisor.

    Step 1

    Go to the Pacific College Zoom Portal

    Step 2

    Go to the user's profile settings

    Step 3

    Verify the waiting room is turned on and that users who are not in your account and not part of your whitelisted domains will go in the waiting room.

    Step 4

    Go to the course by searching in courses

    Step 5

    Go to participants from the Course Dashboard

    Step 6

    Click on the Instructor to access their profile

    Step 7

    Under Administration, click Log in as

    Step 8

    Go to the Zoom LTI in the General Course Information section

    Step 9

    Click the Meeting next to the Day and Time requested

    Step 10

    Click Edit this Meeting

    Step 11

    Uncheck Require authentication to join

    Step 12

    Click Save

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