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    Discussion Forum Assistance

    November 7th, 2022

    In a discussion forum, instructors will generally provide a topic for you to post a response to and may also require that you respond to other students’ posts on the subject. However, there are other uses for Discussion Forums, so carefully read your instructor’s requirements for each forum.

    Note* If you get an error message when posting, ensure you do not have any Emojis you are trying to add to your post or are in your attached document. The error may be 'error writing to the database.'

    Posting to a Forum 

    Step 1

    To access a discussion forum, locate the discussion forum in the week and click on the discussion forum card. This will take you into the discussion forum. Here you can read the forum instructions, add a new post, and read and reply to others’ posts.

    Step 2

    To post, first read the instructions and requirements for the discussion forum. When you are ready to add your post to the forum, click  Post a response. 
    First, add a descriptive title to your new post by typing it in the Your subject field. 
    Next, type the content of your new post in the Type your post field.  
    After double-checking your post to ensure you are ready to submit, use the Submit button to add your post to the forum.




    It’s recommended to draft your post in MS Word before cutting and pasting it into the forum. In addition, please be aware that you can only edit your post for 30 minutes after submission. Once 30 minutes have passed, your post can no longer be edited or deleted.

    Subscribing to forums and individual posts

    If you want to be notified of a Forum's activity, you can manage your subscriptions in several ways.

    Subscribing to all Forums

    Under any discussion forums, click on the Manage forum Subscriptions option.

    Click on Subscribe to all forums.

    Subscribing to a single forum

    Go to the forum you want to be updated about and click on Subscribe to this forum.

    Subscribing to a specific Post

    Go to the forum and select the particular post you're interested in being notified about. Click on the Subscribe to this post option on the right side of the Post.

    Responding to Posts

    If you are required to respond to another student’s post, you may do so by returning to the discussion forum. All posts made to the forum will be listed below. To view other posts in the forum, select the post's title you’d like to respond to and click on reply. You will follow the same procedure as above.

    Tips for formatting

    The advanced editor displays additional settings that will allow you to add an attachment. This option may not always be available to you, depending on how your instructor has set up the discussion forum. 

    Tip 1

    You can also preserve the formatting from a document you created by using the following steps 

    Step 1. Click on the Post a response button 

    Step 2. Scroll to the bottom right of the discussion and choose "Use Advanced editor and additional options"  

    Step 3. You must add a subject to your post, and you will choose the content you want to copy and paste into the text box of the Discussion form


    Step 4. Scroll down at click on the button that says Post to forum



    Tip 2

    You may also attach a word, or PDF document if your faculty permits. Follow the steps below

    Step 1. Click on the Post a response button

    Step 2. While attaching a document you must add a subject header and type into the Discussion Forum text before you can save

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    Step 3. Once your post is ready, click on Post to forum.  

    If your file size is to large, you can share a link to your forum post. How to Share Editable Links to Office 365 Documents

    How to view your Discussion Forums posts from the Dashboard

    Moodle allows you to view all your posts through your main Dashboard. Go to the profile icon located on the top right corner of the Dashboard screen. 

     Click on “Profile” under your name. 


    Click “Discussion Forum posts” to view all your posts. 


    The display will show you all the posts and allow you to click on the direct links to view the specific posting. 

    You can also choose to view the Discussion Forum threads. In addition, it will display entire post threads that you have started and participated in. 


    This view will also allow you direct access to the thread. 




    Unsubscribing from all Forums

    To unsubscribe from all forums, follow these steps

    Step 1

    From any of the forums, click on the Manage forum subscriptions.

    Step 2

    Select the Unsubscribe from all forums option

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