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    Course Shell Layout Options

    April 8th, 2020

    There are several layout options available for faculty who make use of Moodle for on-campus classes. The standard advanced layout in Pacific College fully online classes is a weekly format. All activities (for example, file submission assignments, quizzes, and discussion forums) and resources (for example, files, links, and videos) are located in the weekly sections where the action is required on the activities.

    Weekly format (all synchronous classes)

    Weekly format: Your course shells are set up by default to accommodate this format. To add weekly sections, just click the Create a new section link at the bottom of the lefthand Contents menu. Do this as many times as necessary to create the number of weekly sections you need for your course.

    An important note about course start dates: By default, the start date for every course at the college is set as the first Monday of the first week classes begin each term. Each new section that you add to a course in the weekly format will begin with following Monday. The start date of the course can be altered to match the Monday of the first week your class meets or the exact date of the first class meeting. Before making such a change, you should think carefully about all the possible ramifications for your students of changing the start date. If you need guidance on deciding what to do or help making the change, please place a support ticket.

    Topic Format (asynchronous classes only)

    Topic format: The easiest way to understand topic format is to use the analogy of organizing activities and resources in “folders.“ For example, perhaps you might want to have a “topic” named Handouts, a second named Study Guides, and another named Final Project. It is not completely intuitive to change the course format to topic. If you’re interested in doing so, please place a support ticket. It is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to jerry-rig a topic format by manually overriding weekly date ranges with “topic“ names. This can have undesirable consequences. Here is an example of topic format, as it is used in the technology training course for new students:

    To provide additional consistency for students regardless of which format a faculty member chooses, we’ve added an enhancement that will become effective for Fall 2019 shells. An Activities and Resources “block” will now always appear towards the top of the default General Course Information section in all courses. You can still edit this area without having any effect on the block.

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