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    How to Revert an Assignment Submission to Draft

    December 19th, 2019

    If a student submits an assignment prematurely or accidentally, they might request permission to remove and replace it. Under normal circumstances, the file can be removed and replaced by the student until the cutoff date is reached. WARNING: The cutoff date is not the same as the due date. If you do not set a cutoff date for your Moodle "Assignment" activities, the student will be able to continue to edit it even after it has been graded.

    Most assignments are set to allow students to submit only one file. After the cutoff date for the assignment, no further changes can be made by the student. NOTE: If you do not accept late assignments, the cutoff date should be the same as the due date.

    If a student requests to resubmit an assignment, the instructor will need to change the status of the assignment from "Submitted for grading" back to "Draft submitted (editable until deadline)" status.

    1. Open the Assignment you want to revert. Click on the "View all submissions" link.

      The "View/grade all submissions link is in the middle of the assignment page.

    2. Locate the desired student from the list of submitted assignments.

    3. Click the Edit dropdown menu. 

      Three sub menu items will appear: Update grade, Grant extension and Revert the submission to draft.

    4. If the deadline has passed, you will first need to grant an extension.

    5. Select "Revert the submission to draft"
      This will change the status of the assignment from "Submitted for Grading" back to a "Draft submitted (editable until deadline)" status. The student can make changes to the assignment when it is in draft status.

    6. Advise the student to log back into their assignment and make necessary changes.
      The student can delete the current submission and resubmit an updated version.
    7. Reverting a Group Submission You must scroll to the bottom of the page where you see all the students submissions. You'll see Filter the default will be set to "No filter" toggle to  Submitted

    When you scroll up you'll only see the submitter of the group submission. You will choose  "Revert the submission to draft" for which group you need to. 

    *You will need to toggle the filter back if you want to see all the submission by choosing "No filter".

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