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    Add and Edit Discussion Forums

    How to add a discussion forum and update settings

    1. Create Discussion Forum

    Step 1

    Go to the week you want to add the Discussion Forum to in the Table of Contents

    Step 2

    Click Create Learning Activity

    Step 3

    Click Discussion Forum

    Step 4

    Type in a name

    Step 5

    Type in a description

    2. Graded Discussion Forum


    If you do not set the grade type to Manual, the discussion forum will not appear in your gradebook

    Step 1

    Go to grade settings

    Step 2


    Discussion Forums Rating Setting

    Forum ratings allow users to evaluate posts in a forum.

    A forum rating can be included as part of a student's grade. For example, a teacher might use a custom rating scale in a forum and allow students to rate forum posts.

    How to enable the rating settings:

    1. Go to the forum you want to have the Rating Settings enabled, click on the forum administration, and then "Locally assigned roles"

    2. Locate "Student Ratings" at the bottom and click on it:

    3. Select all the students and click on "add"

    4. Go to the forum administration settings, in the rating options, change from "No Rating" to "average of ratings"

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