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    How to Add Transfer Credit in CampusVue

    June 19th, 2019

    1. Look up student using search function.
    2. On the left hand “drawers”, find Transfer Credit under either the Admissions or Academic Records Drawer.

    3. To begin creating new transfer credit, click on the “add” button.
    4. In order to add transfer credit, you will need to associate an Institution in which we are accepting the transfer credit from. We can do that two ways. We can either search for an exiting institution that already resides in CampusVue, or manually add a new institution. Please note: all ACT/SAT accepting schools are already in CampusVue. Please do an extensive search before creating a new school. To search for a school, click on the binocular icon next to institution field:

      A search box will open. Simply type in the name of the college in the Description/Name field and hit search. Find the school by highlighting and clicking select.
    5. To manually add an institution, please click on “Add Institution” next to the Institution field and enter as much information as you can.
    6. Once the institution is chosen, you will need to add a corresponding class. Classes that exist can be found using the search button. If a new class needs to be added, please click the Add Courses button.
    7. Once the Add Courses button is clicked, a new box will open. Use the course code and description from the college we are accepting transfer credit from. Use 1/1/1900 as the Start Date (Note:  this is not when they took the class.  This is the date in which we began accepting credit for this particular course.) Use “C” as the Minimum Grade Required. Hit Save and Close.
    8. Once the institution and course are selected, we will then fill out the remaining fields on the top half of the form: Grade Received and Date Completed. These will be found on the student’s transcript.
    9. On the bottom half of the form, we will find the course that we are accepting transfer credit for. Then click the drop down next to Status and select Approved. Then drop down the box next to Term and always select Transfer Term, which is at the bottom of the list. The last green box will only populate a grade of T.
    10. When all is complete and double checked, hit Save.

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