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    Creating Academic Advising Notes in CampsusVue

    June 19th, 2019

    Creating Academic Advising Notes in CampsusVue

    • Search for the particular student you wish to add notes to by using the “Search” menu.
    • Once the student is selected, find the “View Student Contact History” icon on the toolbar and click it.  The icon looks like a rolodex, as show below
    • To create a new activity, click on the “Add Activity Button”
    • Once in the new activity window, select the dropdown box next to “Activity” and select “Academic Advising Notes.”
    • Once you select the “Academic Advising Notes” activity, the “Subject” field will automatically populate.  From here, you will want to add any specific notes in the comment section.  The student will be able to see these comments on the Student Portal.  Please keep the comment very concise and factual as this is considered part of the student’s academic file and can be reviewed. You can also, at this point, manipulate the due date if it’s date sensitive. Keep all the other fields blank.
    • When finished hit save.
    • This action will now appear in the Student Portal for the student as an “Alert.”  There are two places where they can access the alerts, as shown below.
    • Once they click on the alert, they will be directed the “Message Center.”  They will click either the + symbol or the actual hyperlink of the activity to see the comment field.  They will then be asked to “Acknowledge Alert”, which will then close the activity on our end in CampusVue.  The student will still have access to all previous meeting notes by clicking “View My Previous Alerts.”

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